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Product development

When developing new products we like to work closely with our customers. Coming together in one of our testing kitchens has proven to be a successful and inspiring way to share and combine our collective knowledge and expertise.

We invite customers and prospects for a tasting session in our testing kitchens, so that we can brainstorm and experiment with new products. Developing a new product is not just about choosing a flavour. How do ingredients react during the production process? What happens to the final product at high temperature or under high pressure? And how do we ensure an even distribution of all ingredients?

We enjoy a challenge and like to develop new varieties, healthy alternatives and inventive packaging solutions. With our customers we define the basic objectives and together we develop something new. We believe this close cooperation results in the best and most innovative products.

Do you want to enter new markets or add new products to an existing market? As the world’s largest producer of rice, corn and multigrain cakes we would like to be involved. Let’s meet! Make an appointment